SolidTechSEO’s Most Valuable Features

We’d love it if you decided to have SolidTechSEO resolve some or all of your SEO issues. We’d like to take a moment to outline what you can expect form SolidTechSEO’s services!

Report will include easy to follow step by step suggestions which you can implement yourself to improve your site’s SEO performance. It will also include detailed analytical features which will be helpful to admins and webmasters.

Visitor analytics

Visitor Analytics is a real game changer. Well implemented visitor analytics tools turn anonymous website views into the kind of detailed user profiles which you can use to filter out the ‘warm leads’ from the accidental clicks.

Website Analytics

Website analytics decipher the structure of your website, and track the exact way your visitors use it. As useful as Visitor Analytics is, there are a few questions it just can’t answer. That’s why we’ve implemented a full suite of Website Analytics tools.

Native API

A well-integrated and powerful analytics API. We package all of that into a lightweight, easy to use native app which can be easily integrated into an app for your users. This allows you to capture exactly the kind of data to improve revenue.

What is on-page SEO?

On page SEO is essentially optimising a website to rank higher on Google and other search engines. As people rarely look past the first few results of a search, good on-page SEO makes your page visible to people searching for the kinds of goods, services or information you provide without you having to spend money on a ‘pay per click’ campaign.

It is called ‘on page’ because it optimises both the actual readable text of your page and its HTML code to be as Google-friendly as possible. This is different from ‘off-page’ efforts like reciprocal link building, social media integration and other ‘tricks of the trade’.

The thing to remember about on-page SEO is that it is a completely ‘white hat’, above board process which seeks to actually make the page ‘better’ in terms of what Google and other search engines like to see. Rather than older SEO methods which sought to ‘fool’ Google into ranking a page higher artificially, modern on-page SEO seeks to make it clear what goods and services you really do offer, provide visitors with clear and unambiguous information related to those goods and services, and to make sure that Google’s algorithm – which is really no smarter than any other computer program – can ‘see’ all of the value your page represents to visitors.

SolidTechSEO can help you make your website SEO friendly and fully compliant with all of Google’s best practice standards in order to ensure that you get the visitors you need and deserve – as well as to make sure they are the kind of visitors who are prepared to spend money!

Our Seo Auditing Tool Features

What we offer just on the free online SEO auditing tool is truly amazing. Not only will the SEO site audit / check-up tool analyse the information your site’s visitors bring with them, it will track the Alexa data, whois data, social media data, Moz check data, search engine index and your Google page rank and give you a summary of the results.

Better still, the tool performs a full malware check, making sure that no hostile code has infiltrated your website’s server. Without such a check, you might not know if malware is stealing your data… or worse, that of your customers.

Our tools will also perform a full IP analysis, gathering publicly available data about which internet service provider each visitor to your site uses.

Visitor analytics

Our visitor analytics software will identify potential customers, and flag them for future action. It will prioritise them so that you or your sales/lead generation team can spend your time on the most likely to buy.

It Will Give You The Data You Need To Know Which Of Your Marketing Efforts are bringing in paying customers

  • Average Stay Time + Unique Visitors

  • Average Visit + Top Refferers

  • Bounce Rate + OS & Device Report

  • Content + Page Overview

  • Country & Browser Report

  • New & Returning Visitors + Traffic Analysis

Website Analytics

Our website analytics tools track the way your visitors use your website in incredible detail.

It Will Give You The Data You Need To Know Which Of Your Marketing Efforts .

  • Alexa And Similar Web Data

  • Google Page Rank

  • IP Analysis

  • Malware Check

  • Search Engine Index

  • Whois Data & Social Media Data

Social network analysis

Our tools can track which social networks delivered particular visitors to your site, and whether those visitors behave differently than those who found you in other ways.

This data can have a huge impact on the effectiveness of your SM marketing efforts to improving your sales and revenue

Social media is one of the leading referral sources!

  • Buffer Shares

  • Facebook Shares

  • Pinterest Pins

  • StumbleUpon Views

  • Xing Shars

  • Reddit Score (Upvotes&Downvotes)

Rank & index analysis

By tracking how your site is ranked and indexed not just by Google but among all of the major search engines and similar indexes, we can give you a much better picture of how your SEO and other marketing effort are working on the different platforms, and how you can improve them to get more qualified visitors with lower campaign costs.

  • Bing Index

  • Google Index

  • MOZ Check

  • Yahoo Index

  • Alexa Rank + Data

  • Similar ranks

Domain analysis

By analysing the data your visitors leave behind at the domain level, you can learn more about what kind of visitors come to your site, and the channels through which they found you. This can help you allocate your marketing efforts more efficiently.

  • Auction Domain List

  • DNS Information

  • Server Informationt

  • Whois Search

Ip analysis

By tracking the different ISPs refer visitors to your site, you can tell a great deal about where your visitors are located in the real world and how they might have heard about your business. You can even begin to make educated guesses about which ones are really interested in doing business with you, and which ones are more likely to be ‘false alarms’ .

  • Domain IP Information

  • IP Canonical Check

  • IP Traceout

  • What is my IP

  • Sites in Same IP

  • Ipv6 Compability Check

Keyword analysis

By analysing the keywords your site automatically holds out to Google as well as the ones which Google identifies as relevant to the content of your site.

  • Correlared Trending Keywords

  • Keyword Analyzer & Auto Suggestion

  • Keyword Auto Suggestion

Link analysis

The tools can mimic the way Google gathers information about your website by following the links you have on-site and analysing the structure and effectiveness of your link network.

  • Page Status Check -

  • Link Analyzer

    -Internal Links + ExternalLinks &
    -DoFollow + NoFollow Tags

Backlink & ping

In the same way, the tool seeks out those links on other sites which lead to your site, and performs a similar analysis on these backlinks.

Data record can be downloaded for future references

  • Website/Blog Ping

  • Backlink Generator

  • Google Backlink Search

Malware scan

Our automated tools can perform a malware check on your website, making sure that no hostile code has found its way onto your server. At this very moment, malware could be stealing your customers’ data… or your own.

  • Google Safe Browser Results

  • Norton Results

  • VirusTotal Results (67 separate scans)

Google Tools & Utilities

In addition, our tools can identify where a range of Google’s own publicly available tools and utilities could make your site run better, faster or more reliably.

  • Duplicate Email Filter

  • Base64+ URL + Email Encoder/ Decoder

  • Google URL Shortener + Analytics

  • Gzip Check & Meta Tag Generator

  • URL Canonical Check & Valid Email Check

  • Plagiarism Check & Robot Code Generator

Code minifier

In the same way, there are many tools available to shrink the actual code that makes up your website without impacting its functionality. Our tools will identify places where these could be used.

  • HTML Code Minifier

  • CSS Code Minifier

  • JS Code Minifier


Amazing SEO Analytics And CheckUp Tool

We’re glad you’re considering using SolidTechSEO’s powerful, affordable and effective SEO analysis and Monitoring services. The fact is that in today’s world we can’t all be full time SEO and analytics professionals – most small business owners really have to wear all of the hats themselves, and even medium sized operations can rarely afford to have an on-site SEO and Analytics professional on staff. That’s why we started SolidTechSEO’s SEO and Analysis service.

It lets us provide the kind of expert service that small and web-based businesses need to stay competitive, but without the cost of maintaining an on-site SEO and Analytics department.

Similarweb analysis
SEO Dashboard
data analysis
Social media analytics
Visitor analytics
VirusTotal Scan Data
VirusTotal Scan Data
VirusTotal Scan Data

Detailed Monitoring and Analysis

State of the art website data analysis providing a full overview of all visitors activities. Sitecheck security tool scans for malware, viruses, errors, blacklist status. Detailed SEO comparisons of your competitors

We can also offer ongoing monitoring and truly in-depth analysis of what is (and isn’t) working throughout your website. This would include a great deal that is not part of the free website check-up above, including:

  • State of the art website data analysis

  • full overview of all visitor activities

  • Sitecheck security tool scans for malware, viruses, errors, and blacklist status

  • Detailed SEO comparisons of your competitors


Visitor analytics

Good visitor analytics can completely revolutionise how your website works for you! Our Easy to use tools can distinguish warm leads and the kind of people who actually come to sites like yours to spend money from idle visitors and those with no interest in ever becoming a customer

Once our visitor analytics tools identify a possible sales lead it flags the visitor and captures as much data as it can (in full compliance with all regulations and best practice standards), and notes them for your attention. It can even rank them in order of the strength of each lead, and generally do most of the ‘lead generation; legwork automatically.

Finally, our visitor analytics can help you identify which marketing efforts are actually resulting in sales or leads, and which are effectively wasted.

How do you use these tools? Just follow these four simple steps below!

Input Domain

Type or paste your domain name into the input field and click the‘save’ button.

Get js embed code

Clicking ‘save’ will generate a JS code which you can embed into your web pages.

Put js Code

Copy and paste the JS code into all your web pages that you need our visitor analytics to track.

Get Report Everyday

We’ll generate a detailed, professional report about your website, its traffic and its visitors, automatically.

Professional SEO Analysis and Monitoring

Let us do what we do best, and then you can get back to what you do best – growing and maintaining your business!


$15 /Mo

  • Code minifier : Unlimited
  • Domain analysis : 10/Month
  • Ip analysis : 50/Month
  • Keyword analysis : 100/Month
  • Keyword position tracking
  • Link analysis : 200/Month
  • Native API : Unlimited
  • Native widget
  • Plagiarism check : 50/Month
  • Rank & index analysis : 1000/Month
  • Security tools : 20/Month
  • Sitedoctor : 10/Month
  • Social network analysis : 50/Month
  • URL Shortener : 50/Month
  • Utilities
  • Visitor analysis : 5
  • Website analysis : 50/Month



$25 /Mo

  • Code minifier : Unlimited
  • Domain analysis : 15/Month
  • Ip analysis : 70/Month
  • Keyword analysis : 500/Month
  • Keyword position tracking
  • Link analysis : 1000/Month
  • Native API : Unlimited
  • Native widget
  • Plagiarism check : 100/Month
  • Rank & index analysis : 200/Month
  • Security tools : 35/Month
  • Sitedoctor : 50/Month
  • Social network analysis : 70/Month
  • URL Shortener : 100/Month
  • Utilities
  • Visitor analysis : 10
  • Website analysis : 75/Month


$40 /Mo

  • Code minifier : Unlimited
  • Domain analysis : 30/Month
  • Ip analysis : 130/Month
  • Keyword analysis : 1000/Month
  • Keyword position tracking
  • Link analysis : 2500/Month
  • Native API : Unlimited
  • Native widget
  • Plagiarism check : 300/Month
  • Rank & index analysis : 500/Month
  • Security tools : 70/Month
  • Sitedoctor : 85/Month
  • Social network analysis : 200/Month
  • URL Shortener : 200/Month
  • Utilities
  • Visitor analysis : 15
  • Website analysis : 175/Month

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