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About Robots.txt Generator

Search engine bots prioritise on the robots.txt file when they descend on your website. If you haven’t set the robot’s txt file, search engine crawlers will skip some crucial pages in terms of indexing. It’s possible to create this site manually, but you need savvy coding skills. To make things easy, there are ready to use Robot.txt generators that help you to create new or modify fresh robot.txt files.

What is a Robots.txt Generator?

Simply, robots.txt applications represent files with instructions on how specific search engine bots should crawl your website/page. These files guide the crawlers to the pages you want to be indexed, and the ones they should skip. They are part of the Robots Exclusion Protocol that dictates how crawlers should access and index your pages. If your site has areas with duplicate content or part that are undergoing development, you can command the bots to keep off by disallowing them.

With the Robot.txt generator, you can get rid of duplicated content, restrict private data off the search, and you can de-link areas with irrelevant content. Using this generator to limit search engine bots from sensitive areas can boost your site's performance and ranking.

Our Robot.txt Generator

Generally, our Robots.txt Generator enables you to create uploadable robots.txt files that instruct different search engines on how to index your web pages. It helps you to avoid the loss of crucial pages to search bots. It guides these bots regarding the pages to show or omit in search results.

Using our Robots.txt Generator gives you a comparative analysis of how your current website interacts with crawlers, and how the new robot.txt protocol will handle the same.

With our Robot.txt Generator, you easily create robots.txt files for different sites with unique parameters for every website. It’s easy to keep track of all modifications and you can make changes immediately.

Choose our free Robot.txt Generator and use it to test your robots.txt file to make sure they will work as visualized. Try it today.